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After the success of CSI on CBS, there were launched CSI: Miami and CSI NY based on the respective police departments, capturing their police procedural series with the same appeal as had CSI. CSI Miami goes a level deeper, for being located in Miami, it is a hell-hole for culture and thus, ethnicity related crime. The cases handled are most of the time similar to those done by the Las Vegas Police Department Crime Scene Investigation officers with the added feature of a colorful backdrop. The show commands the same prime-time slots it always has and is running at 8 seasons with 198 episodes. Since a major part of the shoot is out of doors on the beach, it has been produced in both Florida and California, giving the nostalgic feel of Baywatch and Baywatch Hawaii. On the same mead as that unforgettable show, CSI Miami has hit top viewership in 20 countries, and awards for best sound editing and cinematography. DVD editions in High Definition have come long ago and are still enjoyed by fans across the world.


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