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Time machine, spaceship, extraordinary gadgets are always exciting not only to kids but also to the adults. Doctor Who series has also done so. It has been successful in captivating the viewers, taking them into mysterious locations with the help of gadgets. The glittering gadgets serving extraordinary purpose excite us to watch doctor who online free for all the missed and interesting episodes.

There are many communities and fan clubs of doctor who which shows the characters popularity. It is the use of equipments and gadgets that forms an important part of sci-fi series and this series never lets you down in it. In fact the presentation of gadgets is made in such a manner that viewers move out of their real world to the fictional setting believing in the magical powers and existence of such gadgets.

Many times the viewers have to make themselves realize that all these are just fantasies having no connection with reality. Having been a famous television series rooting back to early sixties that returned with new series after a break, there were many anxious minds who want to view the early series.  Keeping in mind such anxiousness of viewers links to watch doctor who online free were created. The websites have witnessed viewers flooding in to watch doctor who online free and catch the magic of sci-fi fiction.