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The profession of call girl is done by most women out of desperation rather than aspiration. There might be a few who enjoy it. The secret diary of a call girl is one such story. This series is high on testosterone and low on seriousness. Although the series was criticized by some feminists one should not forget it was written by woman. The leading character is a call girl who is a middle class woman with rich tastes. To fulfill her expensive tastes she takes up the profession of a prostitute.


This captivating drama is sure to keep the audience glued to the TV as well as computer screen. Watch the secret diary of a callgirl online free without shedding a dime for TV cable. In this busy life one can miss shows on TV but on internet he can have it when he wants it. The best part is the show originally spawned from internet via a blog. The series has gone down well even with critics who would love to tear such kinky shows to bits.


Sex always sells and it has been the unique selling point for half of the worldwide movies and serials productions. For those who are bored with the average Joe serials and wanting something extra will love this series. Watch secret diary of a callgirl online free packed with all the oomph you can expect.